Donkrison Moore – Operations Manager
250-742-3288 Ext 218


Vacant – Director of Finance
250-742-3288 Ext 202

Social Development

Lisa Toney – Director of Social Welfare
250-742-3224 Ext 214

Indian Registry

Liz Anderson – Indian Registry Administrator
250-742-3288 Ext 220

Lands & Referrals

Leslie Witt – Director of Operations
250-742-3288 Ext 201

Economic Development

Stephen Conway
250-742-3288 Ext 213

Health Clinic

Brittany Handel –  Director of Health

Housing & Capital Works

Johanne Brar – Director of Operations and Maintenance
250-742-3288 Ext 208

Education Department

Corinne Cahoose – Director of Education (Interim)
250-742-3288 Ext 209
Gloria Eglin – Education Liaison (Grades K-12)
250-742-3288- Ext 211

Post-Secondary School deadlines:
• Fall term is May 31, of the same year
• Winter term is January of the previous year
• Spring and summer term is April 1st, May and July of the same year.

Note to applicants: ALL waivers and contracts MUST BE SIGNED AND FILLED before submission.

Elementary School:
• All final report cards in June, needs to be handed in, in order to receive the school supplies allowance
• All students in Grades 10-12 need their parents to come in for room and board applications