Footprints in Stone
The cultural history of the Southern Carrier.

Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
Working towards the implementation, exercise and recognition of our inherent Indigenous Title, Rights and Treaty Rights and to protect of our Lands and Waters, through the exercise, and implementation of our own laws and jurisdiction.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

INAC is one of the federal government departments responsible for meeting the Government of Canada’s obligations and commitments to First Nations.

Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail

This historic trade route from Nuxalk territory at Bella Coola crosses the Coast Mountains to the Blackwater as far as the Fraser River. It is also the route Alexander Mackenzie took to reach the Pacific. Elders speak of their experiences on the trail.

Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training and Employment Centre

The purpose of the Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training and Employment Centre is to identify, develop, implement and assist, where possible, with the attainment of employment, training and education programs.

First Nation Education Steering Committee

The First Nation Education Steering Committee works to improve the success of all First Nations students in British Columbia.

First Nation Health Authority

The First Nation’s Health Authority aims to improve the health and well-being of BC First Nations.

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC

The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association builds leadership and management capacity through professional development.

Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers
The Council trains and certifies people to become professional economic developers.