Employee Directory


Shawn Holte, Executive Director
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Shawn’s phone extension is 309

Shawn has a strong experience in Business, Administration, and Human Resources management for both a First Nation’s government and a regional First Nation’s organization.  He also has experience in forestry and forest products manufacturing.  His education background in the CGA Program of Professional Studies has provided a backbone to the work he has done in these areas.


Bert Groenenberg, Operations Manager
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Bert’s phone extension is 208

Bert is responsible for the day to day management of the Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council. He has worked at CCTC since 1990 in planning, economic development, administration and project management. Before joining Tribal Council, Bert worked in construction and small business development including two years in Botswana (Africa).

He received his Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer certification from the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO). He has a BA in Geography (SFU 1990) and is a Landscape Technologist (Ryerson 1980).

Jennifer Wiggins, Administrative Assistant
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Jennifer's phone extension is 200

Jennifer provides administrative support to the team. She is also the initial contact person when you walk in the front door.

Deanna Lloyd, Nation Coordinator
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Deanna’s phone extension is 201

Deanna provides assistance to the health team to provide culturally appropriate service delivery.


George Warr, Clinical Counsellor
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George's phone extension is: 204 

George Warr works as a Clinical Counsellor for the Ulktacho community and he divides his time between Anahim Lake and Williams Lake.  He is very pleased to have finally graduated with his Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University and has a passion for learning about and working with people from First Nation cultures.

George is thankful for the opportunity to serve this diverse and beautiful community and further develop his skills as a clinician.  He enjoys working with both youth and adults and can provide individual, couples, group and family sessions.

George is originally born and raised in England but has spent the last 10 years enjoying living in Williams Lake.  He has over 4 years of combined experience working in various voluntary and professional roles in mental health.  For the past 16 summers, his primary career was firefighting for the BC Wildfire Service.  In his spare time, George enjoys everything outdoors out on the land and spending time with his family which includes two small children.  He also has an affinity for loud motorcycles and he really loves sports and fitness.


Jennifer Vickers, BSW, Family Support Worker Quesnel Office
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Office number in Quesnel is (250) 992-2075

Jennifer Vickers is a registered social worker who works with First Nation families in the Quesnel area.  She can be reached at 250-992-2075. Jennifer assists families with MCFD, court matters, advocacy and referrals to other support agencies.


Jocelyn C. Herrett, MSW RSW, Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician – Quesnel Office
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Unit #103 - 213 Anderson Drive, Quesnel BC
Work Cell: 250-255-4985

For the past thirty plus years, I have worked as an individual, couple and family therapist specializing in sexual abuse and trauma therapy. My target population is, and always has been, children and youth because they keep me young at heart and focus on what is important in life.

I am constantly learning and growing as a therapist and hope my services to the community provide an option to the regular mundane ideology of one hour per week. I enjoy utilizing the tools Mother Nature provides and the gifts from our ancestors which hold the wisdom and knowledge we need to succeed.

I welcome the people and communities in and around Quesnel to take some time and get to know me. When I am not at work, you can probably find me working on small DIY projects or walking around the neighborhood.

Cindy Aldred, Traditional Wellness Coordinator – Quesnel Office
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Unit # 103 - 231 Anderson Drive, Quesnel BC
Work Cell: 250-255-2402

  • Develops and provides community-based traditional wellness counseling services to members with difficulties or social, emotional or behavioral disturbances in collaboration with community elders, health staff, traditional healers, families, and community resources.
  • Provides holistic traditional approaches/practices to health and wellness.
  • Applies traditional teachings into wellness plans/workshops.
  • Teaching traditional Medicine wheel/grandfather teachings, smudging and cleansing sweat lodge.
  • Encouraging/teaching traditional teachings to better lifestyles and make better lifestyle choices.
  • Singing and drumming practices to help the inner spirit.
  • Medicine harvesting and preparation.
  • Organizing healing camps.
  • Using western and traditional methods to heal the wounds of the past.

I am a Carrier woman from Lhtako who has strong ties to the land. I want to know more about traditional practices and how to renew them.

My background is in addictions. I personally struggled with addictions for many years until I was guided by my spiritual family. They taught me the importance of our traditional ways of life and how I was lost. I had no direction; I was an empty shell without an identity.

First, I was guided to find out who I am: identity.

I learned about the Ceremonies and put them to practice which has guided me to where I am today. I am always learning and growing and this is how we give it back by guiding others to this red road. I do this by sharing and teachings. This is how our people will come full circle to end the destructive cycles that have been passed down from generation to generation.

First Nation Health Authority staff in our office:

Jamie Tanis, Dakelh Dené Community Engagement Coordinator
Jamie's phone extension is 203

Provide communications, collaboration & planning support to the Dakelh Dené Nation communities.  Develops & supports local community engagement activities as part of a regional team.  Additionally, ensures that engagement functions & resources are effectively integrated, organized & leveraged to meet strategic & operational needs within the Dakelh Dené Nation.

Jamie believes it is never too late to learn.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Social Work in 2007, the day before her son graduated from high school and three years after her daughter graduated from high school.  Jamie has previously worked as a social worker, a legal secretary, a victim services worker and as a customer service agent.  She enjoys spending time in the community, learning about the culture and getting to know community members.   Jamie and her husband Jim enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and exploring the Chilcotin backroads.  Jamie and girlfriends have hiked the West Coast Trail, in the Mt. Robson area and have completed a short bicycle trip.  Jamie is excited to learn more about First Nations Health and how she can help others.

Jamie will be working out of the CCTC office at 59 First Avenue South, Williams Lake.  Jamie is currently working five days a week and can be reached at jamie.tanis@fnha.ca or (250) 267-9635.